Pet Surgery

Internal medicine Pet surgery

Surgery for a variety of conditions

Precise surgery for small pets

Whether your pet needs a simple procedure such as spaying or neutering or a more specialized procedure such as orthopedic surgery, our team of veterinary specialists can help. Surgical care at Booneville Veterinary Medical Center is offered for dogs, cats, and other small animals.

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work is available and suggested

  • Gas inhalant anesthesia is used to increase the safety of your pet during its surgical procedure and speed its recovery

  • Many routine, scheduled surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures

  • We perform a wide range of small animal soft tissue surgeries from spays or neuters to advanced abdominal laparotomies to treat a variety of conditions

  • Several ophthalmic surgeries are available to treat many diseases of the eyes

  • Orthopedic (bone) surgeries are available to treat bone fractures and other bone diseases

  • Endoscopy is available to treat and diagnose many gastrointestinal diseases

Internal medicine for your pet's health

With more than 30 years of combined practice experience, our veterinarians are well prepared to diagnose and treat your family pet for whatever disease your pet may be facing. You and your pet will be treated like family by our staff to ensure a positive experience that will increase the health and happiness of your furry friend.

  • We will keep you involved in the decision-making process of which diagnostic procedures we run and with our treatment protocol

  • Internal medicine cases are treated outpatient (at home) if possible or inpatient (hospitalized) if required to return your pet to full health as soon as possible

  • We treat a wide variety of infectious diseases and autoimmune conditions

  • We are well experienced in treating a wide variety of dermatologic (skin) conditions

  • We employ the use of a Companion Animal Class IV therapy laser to treat a broad spectrum of diseases on an outpatient basis with or without the use of systemic medical treatment

Companion Therapy Laser

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